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Microsoft OneDrive Expert (MODE) member


I am happy to announce that about a month ago, was accepted into a fairly new Microsoft OneDrive Expert (MODE) Program. From the e-mail I Received from Microsoft: You have been identified as one of the top IT pro influencers in the world due to your knowledge and impact on the IT pro community around Microsoft technologies. The MODE program was launched (…) as an effort to not only drive global awareness and value of OneDrive and SharePoint, but to…

New Azure AD Connect version (1.1.484.0) Released (April Update)


A few days ago Microsoft Released a new version of Azure AD Connect, which is now incremented to version 1.1.484.0. This new April update includes a lot of new features and improvement: Fixed issues: Azure AD Connect sync Fixed an issue where the sync scheduler skips the entire sync step if one or more connectors are missing run profile for that sync step. For example, you manually added a connector using the Synchronization Service Manager without creating a Delta Import…

How To Change The Language and TimeZone Settings on Mailboxes in Office 365


Recently I have had a few scenarios, where we had to change the Language and Time Zone of all or certain specific user Mailboxes in Office 365. So I thought, I might as well write up, this blog post, to collect all the information needed, to change setting on Language and Time Zone on Mailboxes. This would also work for Exchange (on-premise), it is the same cmdlets. If you need to do this, you need to connect to Exchange Online…

First Look at the New Azure AD Group Based Licensing Feature


Yesterday Microsoft Release one of the most long awaited features of Azure (Office 365). The feature to assign licenses based on Group membership. Until now it has only been possible to assign them individually, or you would have to do something using a PowerShell script and achieve the same. Here are the main features of group-based licensing capability: Licenses can be assigned to any security group in Azure AD. Security groups can be synced from on-premises using Azure AD Connect,…

New Azure AD Connect version (1.1.371.0) Released


Yesterday Microsoft Released a new version of Azure AD Connect, which is now incremented to version 1.1.371.0. I was first released as build 1.1.370.0 and then a day later build 1.1.371.0, which had a fix in it. This new December update includes the following improvement: New Features: Pass-through Authentication (in Preview). This new feature is not available when using the Auto update feature of AD Connect. More about the Pass-through Authentication: Introducing #AzureAD Pass-Through Authentication and Seamless…

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