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Microsoft Releases Azure AD Connect Tool


Microsoft has finally Released the AD Connect Tool for General Availability (GA), the tool has long awaited by many. The tool has been on the way and in public beta (Preview) since late 2014. This new tool is the latest in the generation of identity synchronization tools for Azure AD (Office 365). This new version replaces DirSync and Azure AD Sync Tool. AD Connect will be the tool to integrate your on-premises directories with Azure AD and can help make…

Microsoft Released New Visio Stencils for Office Server and Office 365


  A few months ago, Microsoft Released an update to their Office Server Visio package. This new version now includes 300+ Visio Stencils for to help you create visual representations of Microsoft Office or Microsoft Office 365 deployments including Microsoft Skype for Business, Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013. Basically a package for Visio, that everyone working with deployments and architecture, cannot work without. The zip file now includes both stencil sets from 2012 and 2014. Download…

RunAs Radio – Modern Public Folders with Peter Schmidt


I recorded an episode of the RunAs Radio podcast as a guest with MVP Richard Campbell a couple of of weeks ago, where we talked about Exchange Modern Public Folders: Are Public Folders evil? Peter Schmidt says no! Richard chats with Peter about Modern Public Folders that come with Exchange 2013. Treated more like regular mailboxes (only BIGGER), the public folders in Exchange 2013 are much easier for the administrator to handle while being essentially the same as far as…

ADFS and WAP issue with error 0x8007520C


A little notes from the field, I recently saw this issue at a customer. Their ADFS Proxy (Active Directory Federation Service) was suddenly not working anymore, It had been running without issues for months. When started to troubleshoot this, we looking at the Web Application Proxy (WAP) service on the ADFS Proxy server and the error we got was: The operation stopped due to an unknown general error. Error code 0x8007520C. We confirmed that the Web Applicaton Proxy service was stopped and…

Office 365 – What’s on the Roadmap ?


I often get asked about features, both new and upcoming for Office 365. For those interested and those who might not already be aware of it, Microsoft is providing a great and frequently updated Roadmap page for Office 365. This page is your one stop shop – to go for updates on the Office 365: If you bookmark the Roadmap page above – it’s a great ressources to keep updated on new and upcoming features on Office 365. The Roadmap breaks…

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