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Ever experienced a disconnected mailbox, that doesn’t show up in Disconnected Mailbox, after the mailbox has be disabled or removed ? If you disable a mailbox within the Exchange Management Console or EMS and you for some reason want to reconnect it again, soon after. But are unable to find the disconnected mailbox within Disconnected Mailbox. There is a reason for it, it will show up in Disconnected Mailbox after the nightly maintenance. But it is possible to force this, like it was in Exchange 2003. The documentation for Exchange 2010 tell you otherwise, but it doesn’t always work that way:

The Disable-Mailbox cmdlet also performs the cleanup task on the individual mailbox, so the mailbox is disconnected immediately after this task completes. You don't have to wait for nightly maintenance or run the Clean-MailboxDatabase cmdlet for the mailbox to be disconnected.

But still if it doesn’t show up in the Disconnected Mailbox, you can use the commands listed below. Get an overview of disconnected mailboxes on a certain server with this command:

Get-Mailboxstatistics -Server EXCH-MBX-01 | Where-Object { $_.DisconnectDate -ne $null } | FL DisplayName,

LegacyDN,ItemCount,OriginatingServer -wrap

Get an overview of disconnected mailboxes on a certain database with this command:
get-mailboxstatistics -database "Mailbox Database" |where{$_.DisconnectDate -ne $null}| FL displayName,LegacyDN,

ItemCount,OriginatingServer -wrap

Clean a certain mailbox database with this command:

Clean-MailboxDatabase "Mailbox Database"

Clean all databases with this command:

Get-MailboxDatabase | Clean-MailboxDatabase

Read more in the Exchange 2010 documentation about Disable-Mailbox.


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