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I have gotten the question from time to time, about if it possible to create a catch-all mailbox on Office 365 (Exchange Online).

So I thought I would highlight it in a blog post. Unfortunately for those, who have the needs. This is not possible in Office 365 (Exchange Online).

This is stated in the Service Description guide: “Microsoft Exchange Online for Enterprises Service Description.docx” from Microsoft:

A catch-all mailbox receives messages sent to email addresses in a domain that do not exist. Exchange Online anti-spam filters use recipient filtering to reject messages sent to mailboxes that don’t exist, so catch-all mailboxes are not supported.

The Service Descriptions includes of detailed information about what is possible and what is included in the Office 365 services.

It is highly recommended to read these guides, so you are fully aware of the services you sign up with: Office 365 for Enterprise Service Descriptions.

1 thought on “Catch-all mail on Office 365”

  1. This 365 takes the piss.
    For a normal user such as Hotmail a catch all isn’t required, but when a person such as myself owns a domain we need this facility.

    Customers are fickle beasts, and even though the fault may be not entering an address correctly we should have everything delivered that is sent to a domain address!.

    Thank you Microsoft for annoying both me, my customers and ultimately hitting my wallet in lost sales!.

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