ISAPI Filter: IIS Password


I known this isn’t a new product, but I can highly recommend this great ISAPI filter by Troxo, which enables the use of .htaccess files in IIS.

– And best of all this great product is for free.
IISPassword is free for private, educational and commercial use.

IIS password protection of files and folders has always been dificult. IISPassword brings the ease and power of Apache’s htaccess to Microsoft IIS. No longer is there a need for system user accounts and complex access permissions for maintaining a secure, password protected web site.

IISPassword uses Basic HTTP Authentication for password protecting web sites on IIS, just like htaccess works on Apache. That makes your password protected Apache web site compatible with IIS, and vice versa.

A powerful and intuitive interface makes it possible to password protect a web site in just moments. More advanced settings provide options such as user group management and protection of certain file types.

Main Features:
* Easy installation – IISPassword is installed with an easy setup program.

* Easy administration – IISPassword integrates with IIS, creating a new tab in the management console. Protecting a web site is very easy. Select the site or folder to protect, then a username and a password. That’s all there is to it. The advanced mode enables user groups and protection of certain file types.

* High performance – IISPassword has been tested in a live environment with heavy traffic, generating practically no extra CPU load on the web servers.

* Compatibility with htaccess – IISPassword makes password protected Apache web sites compatible with IIS, and vice versa.

* Command line administration – IISPassword can be administrated through a command line interface, allowing automatic administration based on scripts or applications.

* ISAPI filter – IISPassword is an ISAPI filter. This makes IISPassword a secure application with low performance costs.

* IIS Snap-In – IISPassword is seamlessly integrated into the IIS management console, making password protection an easy task.

* Command line tool – IISPassword also provides a command line interface for scripts or applications. This makes it possible to migrate IISPassword into existing control panel systems.

For product details: IIS Password and direct link to Download page.