An Introduction to Microsoft PowerShell


Don Jones has published a free eBook about Microsoft PowerShell. So if you want to get started with MS PowerShell this might been a good book to start with.

Forget batch files and set your VBScripts aside: There’s a new scripting and automation kid on the block and its name is Microsoft® PowerShell™. Designed from the ground up to be powerful, flexible, consistent, and complete, PowerShell™ promises easier and more efficient Windows and Windows Server System administration. In this short Realtimepublishers eBooklet, An Introduction to Microsoft® PowerShell™, scripting guru Don Jones introduces you to PowerShell™, tells you a bit about how it works, and gives you a sneak peak of PowerShell™ in action. Now’s the chance to start learning what some are calling “the most significant technology for Windows administrators since the invention of remote control.”

Download it here.

For more Microsoft PowerShell information, see Microsoft’s websites: