Compression and Caching Labs


Microsoft has published 2 new virtual labs. The new labs are for IIS 6.0.

  • In lab 1, IIS 6.0: Compression, learn how to set up compression effectively and efficiently on IIS 6.0. You will learn how to enable compression, add new file extensions, expand to only compress a single file or directory, as well as more about compression in general.
  • In lab 2, IIS 6.0: HTTP Caching, look at the fundamentals for taking your ASP.NET applications performance to the next level with IIS and HTTP.sys kernel caching. There are rules regarding what can be cached. But in this lab we set the record straight and help you understand how to increase your performance with a few small changes to your application.

The are also other labs online for IIS 7.0, so be sure to check out the Virtual Labs on