Scott Gutherie talks about IIS 7


New video interview on Channel 9 with Scott Gutherie, where he talks about IIS 7 among other things.

In this interview, we covered a lot of ground. Watch and learn about:

  • MIX07
  • What’s doing on the web technologies front
  • What’s so special about IIS 7.0
  • Why you should care about Orcas
  • What it’s like to go into meetings with executives like Gates, Ballmer, and Ozzie
  • How, even with as much status and power Scott has, he still doesn’t have his own parking spot (this made me feel a little better about myself and my lack of accomplishments)

And more, of course.

See the video at Channel 9: Scott Guthrie – MIX07, Work, and Personal Details Revealed.