IIS 7.0 Trace Viewer Released


Another great tool has been released. The IIS 7.0 Trace Viewer is an add-on for the Failed Request Tracing (FRT) feature of IIS 7.0. In FRT you are able to troubleshoot and do tracing. This tool provides a GUI interface for all those FRT logfiles.

IIS7 Trace Viewer Features

  • Trace View icon per site. Automatically enumerates all your trace files
  • Shows trace filename, file size, file date, requested Url, HTTP status code, Application Pool and Time Taken in list format. Supports sorting of these columns
  • Double-click on a row and the trace file will open in Internet Explorer
  • Completely remoteable and delegateable for hosted enviroments.  
  • Update via F5
  • Install program included

Read more and download at source.