Live Mesh online



Microsoft turned Live Mesh Tech Preview online yesterday. Live Mech is the newest member to the Live services from Microsoft, Live Mesh is a platform to help bring all you devices together and gives�you access to your information from anywhere. To sum up the features:

  • All your devices workting together – synchronize information
  • Access from anywhere – Live Desktop with 5GB of free storage
  • Simple to share – Share a folder (photo or files) with family or friends
  • Stay informed – See the online status of friends, updated files/devices etc.
  • Protection you know – Access protected by your Live ID and SSL transfers

It doesn’t sound like the big news, it sounds more like a new version of FolderShare, but this new platform brings more�to it, than just the synchronization service.

Scoblizer has summed up all the features pretty good in his recent post, with links to videos of the new features.

Since the service is already full, you can sign up and get on the waiting list here.

Learn more about LiveMesh here�and on the official Live Mesh blog.