Apache Emulation on IIS 7.0


Stumpled across a interesting new module for IIS 7.0: Helicon APE (APache Emulation) by Helicon Tech, currently in beta and available for download.

Helicon Ape is a unique module that emulates Apache execution environment on Microsoft IIS. It literally implements Apache configuration model (like .htaccess and httpd.conf files) and all most demanded Apache modules in a single IIS add-on, not only making IIS compatible with Apache, but also extending it’s functionality by a number of highly essential features.

Key features of Helicon APE:

  • compatibility with Apache modules configurations (beta version includes only basic modules but the list will be extending with future releases)
  • unprecedented compatibility with PHP-based applications;
  • user-friendly interface and plain text configurations (no XML!)
  • per-site installation without hosting administration involvement/assistance
  • powerful and flexible modules for URL rewriting
  • extensive forward and reverse proxy instruments
  • comprehensive authorization capabilities


  • users can move their Apache web sites to IIS without modifications
  • current PHP and other Unix oriented web applications can be easily configured for IIS
  • flexible user permissions control (as they implemented in Apache world)
  • powerful URL rewriting compatible with Apache does not require rule redesign
  • reverse and forward proxy features available for your web server
  • low level controls over web site behavior open extended abilities for optimisation, security and performance

Currently implemented modules:

  • mod_auth_basicallows the use of HTTP Basic Authentication
  • mod_auth_digestallows the use of MD5 Digest Authentication
  • mod_authn_anonconfigures anonymous users access authenticated areas
  • mod_authn_defaultrejects whatever credentials if no authentication is set
  • mod_authn_fileprovides authentication based on user look-up in plain text password file
  • mod_authz_defaultrejects any authorization request if no authentication is configured
  • mod_authz_groupfileallows or denies access to particular areas of the site depending on user group membership
  • mod_authz_hostallows access control to particular parts of web server based on hostname, IP address, or other characteristics of the client request
  • mod_authz_userallows or denies access of authenticated users to portions of the web site
  • mod_coreimplements core features of Helicon Ape
  • mod_envallows control of the environment provided to CGI scripts and SSI pages
  • mod_expiresallows setting of Expires HTTP header and max-age directive of Cache-Control HTTP header in server responses in relation to either the time the source file was last modified, or to the time of the client access
  • mod_headersenables modification of HTTP request and response headers
  • mod_proxyimplements forward and reverse proxy functions for your IIS server
  • mod_rewriteallows rewriting of requested URLs on the fly based on regular-expressions-based rules and various conditions
  • mod_setenvifallows setting environment variables depending on whether different parts of the request match specified regular expressions
  • mod_soemulates loading modules functions

More info. and download at: http://www.helicontech.com/ape/