IIS Media Services 2.0 is RTW


The IIS Team released the latest version of IIS Media Services 2.0 last week, it’s available as RTW (Released to Web) and can be downloaded is these versions:

There are two releases available side-by-side on iis.net and through the Web Platform Installer:

  • IIS Media Services 2.0 RTW – the production-ready release announced last week. Includes:
    • Smooth Streaming
    • Bitrate Throttling
    • Web Playlists
  • IIS Media Services 3.0 Beta – a preview of new features in 3.0 made available in March at MIX. Includes:
    • Live Smooth Streaming
    • Advanced Logging

For production deployments, you’ll want to use the 2.0 RTW.

For at demo and more info about Smooth Streaming, check these sites: