OCS 2007 Document: Edge Server Deployment Guide


A few months ago Microsoft released an updated version of the Office Communications Server 2007 Edge Server Deployment Guide.

This document guides you through the deployment of edge servers in your Office Communications Server 2007 topology. You typically deploy edge servers after you have deployed Office Communications Server in your internal network.If you need to communicate with users and organizations outside your internal network by using your Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 deployment, you need to deploy one or more edge servers. You install edge servers in your perimeter network (also known as screened subnet) so that users outside your organization’s firewall are authorized before they obtain access to your Office Communications Server deployment.

The information in this document includes the following:

  • Guidelines to help you decide which edge servers you need and which topologies to deploy.
  • Procedures to configure DNS, firewalls, a reverse proxy, and a Director.
  • Steps to deploy and configure a load balancer, individual edge servers, and certificates.
  • Environment configuration settings.
  • Validation of edge server configuration.

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