New module release: IIS Application Warm-Up


The IIS Team has release yet another cool module for IIS 7.

Have you ever hummed the Jeopardy theme song while waiting for a Web site to download – even on a high-speed Internet connection? Sometimes the problem is OUT of your control – whether it is an Internet traffic jam, scheduled maintenance, or some other unknown cause for a delay in receiving your request to view the latest on what the stock market is doing. But sometimes the problem is IN your control – such as pre-loading worker processes at the start of the Web server or when Overlapped Recycling occurs.

IIS Application Warm-Up for IIS 7.5 enables IT Professionals to improve the responsiveness of their Web sites by loading the Web applications before the first request arrives. By proactively loading and initializing all the dependencies such as database connections, compilation of ASP.NET code, and loading of modules, IT Professionals can ensure their Web sites are responsive at all times even if their Web sites use a custom request pipeline or if the Application Pool is recycled.

Features of the Application Warm-Up Module:

  • Integration with IIS Manager
  • Configuration settings are stored in the shared configuration file
  • Web application pre-loading settings can be configured on a per Web application basis, allowing IT professionals to identify or create individual initialization pages according to their needs.
  • Use the default or custom identities to pre-load the application.

I used to use a warm-up script by Joel Olesen, but this looks cool.

See more and download at: