Microsoft Certified Master – Exchange 2007


I just got the news, I’m now officially qualified as a MCM: Exchange 2007. This is the best Christmas present ever! Well it wasn’t actually a present, but really tough work and a final exam. 🙂

I attended the MCM: Exchange 2007 Rotation 3 in May 2009. I enjoyed the tough 3 weeks of training in Redmond, it was an incredible learning experience and also great opportunity network with fellow Exchange specialists. I can only recommend this experience and very dedicated training to everyone who specializes within one of the MCM areas.

The Microsoft Certified Master: Exchange Server 2007 program provides the most in-depth and comprehensive training that is available today for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.

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I’ll not write about the program and the training, a lot of fellow Masters has already done this and there’s The Masters Blog.