ExLogAnalyzer Released


The Exchange team has released the ExLogAnalyzer, it’s an enhancement of a bunch of VB scripts released earlier for creating reports based on the message tracking logs. It looks like a cool tool, which can come handy in a lot of scenarios.

The main shift in this model, compared to the previous script, is that ExLogAnalyzer is built as a framework that can be used to analyze Exchange as well as possibly any other log format.

ExLogAnalyzer is now released to the community and here’s a few examples of what it can analyze/report:

  • Generates the top 1000 senders based on mailbox deliveries. Messages to the internet are not counted.
  • Provides an understanding of the message size distribution.
  • Discover and summarize recipients for which "Recipient Not Found" error was generated.
  • Generates a directed graph showing the server being analyzed and all the inbound / outbound mail flow paths.
  • Analyzes the latencies of the different components and determines the latencies experienced by the specified percentiles of messages.
  • Analyzes the SMTP receive work load over time while tracking tarpitting, client time outs, etc.
  • An analyzer that samples the connections over time. This analyzer generates a CSV file per source (e.g. SMTP or MAPI).
  • An analyzer that provides the frequency of sessions, failed and DNS failures per source + destination combination.

Just to name a few, read more at the Exchange team blog and download here.