SCW with Windows 2008 SP2 and Exchange 2007


When using Security Configuration Wizard (SCW) on Windows Server 2008 SP2 together with Exchange 2007. You could run into an issue trying to register the Exchange 2007 profile for SCW.

Registering the SCW profile can be done using one of the following:

  • – Register-ExchangeSCW.ps1 –register
  • – scwcmd register /kbname:Ex2007KB /kbfile:”%programfiles%MicrosoftExchange ServerscriptsExchange2007_WinSrv2008.xml”

The error is logged in the MSSCW log file and states something like:


The specified OS version does not match with the version that is defined in the KBRegistration.xml file.

The parameter is incorrect.

The reason for the above error is that the OS level is hardcoded into the SCW XML files used to register the SCW profile.

To correct the error above, open the SCW XML file, it should look like:

<SCWKBRegistrationInfo OSMajorVersion=”6″ OSMinorVersion=”0″ ServicePackMajorVersion=”1″ ServicePackMinorVersion=”0″>

Change the ServicePackMajorVersion to 2, so it looks like:

<SCWKBRegistrationInfo OSMajorVersion=”6″ OSMinorVersion=”0″ ServicePackMajorVersion=”2” ServicePackMinorVersion=”0″>