Move from VMware Server to Hyper-V


A few months back I moved from VMware Server to Hyper-V and in that process I found a great tool to convert all my .vmdk files to .vhd files.

So if you are ever in the need of converting your virtual guests from VMware Server to Hyper-V like me. I can recommend the great tool I found, which is V2V Converter from Starwind Software. It really helped me and saved me a lot of time in converting all my .vmdk files to .vhd and importing them into Hyper-V afterwards. I’ve tried other tools to convert to VHD, but this worked the best for me.

The feature of V2V Converter:

• Converts from VMDK to VHD and vice versa
• Sector by sector copy
• Does not modify source image
• Easy to install and use

Read more and get the great tool StarWind V2V Converter here.