DotNetPanel goes Open Source



Great news for the hosting community, DotNetPanel has released their DNP software as Open Source under the name Website Panel.

DotNetPanel has undoubtedly been the best .NET based Control Panel for Windows hosting, such as IIS, Exchange, SharePoint and Hyper-V.

For reason they have now decided to make it available for free under the open source license.

We are excited to announce that SMB SAAS Systems Inc. has revised the DotNetPanel codebase and posted that new code under the new name “WebsitePanel” to SourceForge.NET as an open source project.

WebsitePanel is a line-of-business application and we recognize the benefits of using an open source development model as a more agile and flexible way to meet the growing needs of the web hosting community.

This will enable the hosting and development community to directly contribute to the future of the project, ensuring WebsitePanel’s continued development as an affordable and scalable control panel for Microsoft Windows hosting.

With this change, software developers and hosting providers can now easily integrate WebsitePanel directly into their own offerings and extend the functionality and features to meet their customers’ Windows hosting needs.

For current DotNetPanel customers SMB SAAS Systems Inc. will be providing free community support for a limited time. Future new versions and product updates (including enterprise modules) and bug fixes will be available at no cost to all customers via the WebsitePanel open source project.

We encourage all our customers to move to the WebsitePanel, which will continue to be supported, and participate in WebsitePanel project at SourceForge.NET.

WebsitePanel - control panel for Windows hosting

The software is now named WebsitePanel and it still supports a wide range of software for hosting, see the full list of supported software here.

Download the binaries directly from sourceforge.