How to setup HDHomeRun Dual with Windows Media Center



Last night I spent some hours on configuring a HDHomeRun DUAL box with Windows 7 Media Center. It took some time to get it worked right. So I thought I’ll share my experience and my end results of the configuration that works for with Stofa (Cable Provider) in Denmark.

First there is a good guide available on the HDHomeRun site: Windows Media Center – Windows 7. Although it misses some configuration parts, which works in WMC for the Antenna/Digital Cable in Denmark/Europe.

For setup of the TV tuner part in Media Center, it is a bit different in Europe / Denmark. Since WMC does not support the DVB-C used in Europe, instead you have to use Antenna and there you’ll find the digital tuners under DVB-T (which they are emulated as).

The overall steps are the following:

  1. Install HDHomeRun software
  2. Configuration TV tuners in Windows Media Center

HDHomeRun configuration steps:

  • Install the HDHomeRun software and make sure you use the latest version and firmware for the HDHomeRun box (firmware gets updated automatically is needed)
  • Configure the HDHomeRun software and change the following from default settings:
  • Set Main application to: Windows Media Center
  • Set Digital Tuner source to: Digital Cable
  • Set Scan frequency order to:
  1. qam64  – 6900
  2. qam256 – 6900
  3. qam128 – 6900
  • Under Advanced change Virtual Channel Table mode to: InjectNITSDT
  • Scan for channels – they should now show up in the Channel table
  • Apply the HDHomeRun configuration

Windows Media Center configuration steps:

  • Start Windows Media Center
  • Under TV settings, Setup TV Signal
  • Windows Media Center should find all tuners you have enabled. Select Yes, configure TV with these results and click Next.
  • Choose Antenna (Not Digital or DVB-C) and later DVB-T / HDHomeRun tuners will show, choose the two tuners, and click Next
  • Next scan for channels and it should now find the channels already mapped in the HDHomeRun software.
  • Finish the configuration and you are now ready to watch TV and setup EPG data for the channels

For EPG data I use a subscription from and the MCXMLImport software from Niels Rossen.