Lync 2013 License changes



With the release of the wave 15 products, Microsoft has made some changes in the licensing for a lot of these new products. For Lync Server 2013 this means a major change.

I am doing this post, since I have not seen many writings about these changes and not everyone is aware of this huge change in licensing. It will be more expensive for a lot of organizations.

As an overview for the whole wave 15 product range, the affected products and the changes in expected licensing and increased pricing are:

  • SharePoint Server +38%
  • SharePoint 2013 Standard User CAL +15%
  • Exchange 2013 Standard and Enterprise User Cals +15%
  • Visio Standard 2013 +20%
  • Visio Pro 2013 +5%
  • Project Standard 2013 and Professional 2013 +5%
  • Project Server 2013 +15%
  • Lync Server +400%

The major change is the Lync Server license, which is set to an increase of +400%, which is huge – this is compared to the Lync Server 2010 Standard Edition license.

The reason for this huge increase, is that the Lync Server Standard and Enterprise SKU (License) is merging into 1 SKU (License), with an estimate price of around £2000+/–.

For the organizations running Lync Standard Edition, this is a significant increase over the current Lync Server 2010 price. But the benefit of this new SKU, is that it does now bring the failover & load balancing features to all Lync 2013 organizations.

For organizations already running the Lync Enterprise Edition, the change is minor.

There should be no changes in the CAL licensing for the Lync 2013.

For more information about Lync, follow the official Lync page.

EDIT (Nov 27th): Mary Jo Foley from ZDNET, has written an article about some of the license changes as well: Microsoft’s client-access licensing and pricing changes to hit December 1.