Microsoft Releases Updated version of Azure AD Sync Tool


Last week (more precisely Thursday Apr. 16th 20145 Microsoft silently released a new updated version of Azure Active Directory Sync Tool (Azure AD Sync), previously known of DirSync. Altough Azure AD Sync now targets more than just connecting your Directory with Office 365 Services, it’s The tool to Connect your AD Foest or Forests with Azure and Office 365 services.

This new version is build: 1.0.0491.0413.

The Azure AD Sync Version Release History has not yet, been updated with changes to the new build, as of April 20th 2015.

Directory Integration with Azure AD can be accomplished using the following tools.

Source: Directory Integration Tools

The download location for Azure AD Sync is still: (it has just been updated with the new version)

What to be aware of, is that Microsoft is working on the new Tool for all Azure AD Sync communication, it is called Azure AD Connect and is currently still available in Preview, but should be close to final GA Release.

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