Windows Live Writer goes Open Source



Great news for all bloggers using Windows Live Writer. There had been rumours about this for a long time on Twitter and other community sources. Microsoft has now Announced a fork of Windows Live Writer that is now being open sourced under the MIT License.

Microsoft Windows Live Writer became available back in 2006 and it was discontinued in 2012, altough still made available though the website in a version 2012, not being updated though.

Microsoft Principal Program Manager Scott Hanselman, one of the advocates of saving Live Writer, announced that a group of Microsoft volunteers are contributing the fork of Windows Live Writer to the .NET Foundation.

The tool is now available as: Open Live Writer and the latest release (ver. 0.5) is now available from:

Which means that the tool will now start to get updates. But it also lost a few features in the process of going open source, because of license issues. Read more about this from the Hanselman blog post.

Reference: Announcing Open Live Writer – An Open Source Fork of Windows Live Writer.