The New Product Names for the Office 365 Business Plans


There has already been a lot of good post on this, since this was effective back in April 2020 (21st April 2020 to be precise). Microsoft changed the names of some of it’s Office 365 Plans, the name change is for the products for the small-to-medium business users so that Office 365 now becomes Microsoft 365 branded. In this post, I am here trying to list a simplified overview of the name change.

The New Subscription Names

Old Name

New Name

Office 365 Business Essentials

Microsoft 365 Business Basic

Office 365 Business Premium

Microsoft 365 Business Standard

Microsoft 365 Business

Microsoft 365 Business Premium

Office 365 Business

Microsoft 365 Apps for Business

Office 365 ProPlus

Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise

Here is a good visual representation of the change:

When Microsoft used both the terms, Office 365 and Microsoft 365, things might have been a little confusing for some consumers. The new names are more straight forward because now it’s all about Microsoft 365.

What is included in the different products

Here is a good overview of, what is included in the different products and plans, along with their old and new names:

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Some Names that are not Changing

The names for the following Office 365 plans are not changing.

  • Office 365 for Enterprise

    • Office 365 E1

    • Office 365 E3

    • Office 365 E5

  • Office 365 for Firstline Workers

    • Office 365 F1

  • Office 365 for Education

    • Office 365 A1

    • Office 365 A3

    • Office 365 A5

  • Office 365 for Government

    • Office 365 G1

    • Office 365 G3

    • Office 365 G5

It’s important to note, that none of the Office 365 SKUs are going away. Microsoft is simply changing the names of the plans, except for Office 365 plans above that will remain the same.

Microsoft also changed the names of the Office 365 Personal and Home products, which I have not listed here.