Speaking at Nordic Virtual Summit


I have the pleasure of speaking at this great new upcoming community-driven event, which is only 2 weeks out.

The Nordic Virtual Summit, which is set to run from Feb. 10th to Feb. 11th (Wednesday and Thursday). The event is the result of several communities (A joint venture by #SGUCSE #SCUGDK #SCUGFI #MMUGNO and #MSEndpointMgr) in the Nordics that are organizing the Nordic Virtual Summit. The organizing team behind the event is well-known community leads; Jan Ketil Skanke, Nicolay Andersen, Jörgen Nilsson, Stefan Schörling, Ronni Pedersen, Panu Saukko, Sandy Zeng and Maurice Daly.

You can register for free via the website here: https://nordicvirtualsummit.com/register/

The 2 day has 36 sessions given by many well-known speakers in the community and I’m honored to be one of them. See the full listing of speakers here and the full agenda here.

On Thursday 11th Feb., I will deliver my session: A Hitchhikers Guide to Microsoft Information Protection

The session abstract:

All Your Data is now in the Cloud, what’s next. This session will show you how to get a good start on data protection using Microsoft Information Protection. Get the full overview of what Microsoft Information Protection is and how it can help protect our data at rest. Covering everything you need to know, to get started with data classification and how to use Sensitivity Labels to protect and your data.