Cannot remove the domain ‘‘ because it is referenced by the proxy address template ‘smtp:@

As issue that I’ve seen on Exchange 2007 after a migration from Exchange 2003, if you try to remove an accepted domain, but keep getting this error: Cannot remove the domain ‘<domain name>’ because it is referenced by the proxy address template ‘smtp:@<domain name>’ First off go to the Exchange …

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More ActiveSync support from Nokia

Last week Nokia announced that it has expanded it’s support for Microsoft ActiveSync to all Nokia S60 3rd Edition devices, before it was only supported on the E models. This means that 43 different Nokia models now has support for ActiveSync, by installing the Nokia application “Mail for Exchange”. Nokia …

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Exchange Hosted Services Whitepaper

A new very interesting whitepaper has been release by Microsoft, about the Hosted Exchange Services solution deployed by Microsoft IT. Microsoft IT deployed the cloud-based Exchange Hosted Services. This solution enables Microsoft IT to implement a messaging environment that processes all messages in a perimeter before unwanted messages reach the …

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