Microsoft and Zend annonce collaboration


A few days ago Zend and Microsoft announced a technical collaboration to significantly enhance the reliability and performance of PHP on the Windows platform. The technology preview is in response to joint customer demand for better support of the Windows Server platform.

  • The technology engagement between the two companies will include: Technical improvements for PHP, which will be submitted under the PHP license to the PHP community for feedback and contribution.
  • Microsoft intends to develop and release an Internet Information Services (IIS) add-on component, FastCGI, that will serve as the interface between PHP and the IIS Web server.
  • Zend will establish a Windows testing lab and conduct regular tests and performance improvements to maintain high performance of PHP on the Windows Server platform as PHP evolves.
  • Microsoft and Zend will work to help ensure a production-quality PHP runtime environment for IIS 6.0 (Windows Server 2003) and IIS 7.0 (Windows Server “Longhorn”).
  • Zend and Microsoft will actively participate in the PHP community, ensuring an open discussion to help developers planning to deploy PHP applications on the Windows Server platform.

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