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A Decade of Blogging


This week, It has been exactly 10 years, since I started my own blog, writing about technical information and notes I stumble across in my daily life, basically sharing my knowledge. The blog My blog started as IIS Digest, with focus on Microsoft technologies used for web hosting and the Internet Information Services. Since Microsoft technologies has always been the main focus, my focus shifted over the years and even though I have been working with Exchange now for over…

Happy New Year 2008


Happy New Year to everyone! IIS Digest has now been online for 3 years. Looking back 2007 was an exciting year, with alot of IIS news and a Go Live! license for IIS 7.0. 2008 looks to be even more exciting with the upcoming release of Windows Server 2008. I hope everyone still like my site, IIS Digest should still be worth visiting in 2008.

Microsoft and Zend annonce collaboration


A few days ago Zend and Microsoft announced a technical collaboration to significantly enhance the reliability and performance of PHP on the Windows platform. The technology preview is in response to joint customer demand for better support of the Windows Server platform. The technology engagement between the two companies will include: Technical improvements for PHP, which will be submitted under the PHP license to the PHP community for feedback and contribution. Microsoft intends to develop and release an Internet Information…

VMware Server 1.0 released


VMware has finally released VMware Server 1.0 (formerly known as Vmware GSX), it’s their free version of a Virtual Server product. The product has been in beta the last few months. What looks really good in the product is the feature with the ability to capture entire state of a virtual machine and roll back at any time with the click of a single button, that’s perfect for development and test systems. VMware Server is feature-packed with the following capabilities:…

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