European SharePoint Conference 2007


Microsoft is hosting a European Conference on SharePoint in February 2007, the conference will be hold in Berlin, Germany.

The 2007 European Microsoft SharePoint Conference.

As your enterprise continues to grow, so does the need for centralized coordination of its communication processes and its information management. But SMBs can equally benefit from a system that helps them coordinate all processes efficiently.

At the 2007 SharePoint Conference in Berlin, Microsoft and selected partners will introduce you to leading-edge solutions enabled by SharePoint Server 2007.

In over 50 lectures, round tables and industry-specific user reports spread over three days, we will show you how to:

  • easily create, manage and monitor content and processes across the entire enterprise;
  • ensure 24×7 access to all business-critical information, find specific information quickly, and make well-informed decisions accordingly;
  • further improve communication and collaboration among your employees, customers and suppliers;

Â…all that from your familiar office environment!

Early bird is dec. 16th 2006 – so you’ll have to hurry, if you want the the early bird.

Read more at SharePoint Conference website.