Bit Rate Throttling module


Last week Microsoft released the final version of Bit Rate Throttling (BRT) module for IIS 7.0. It’s a cool module for everyone hosting A/V content, such as podcasting etc.

Scott Hanselman has done a great post on his blog about BRT, where he covers the senario with podcasting.

The key features of BRT are:

  • Automatically reads the encoded bit rate information from each defined media file type
  • Per-response bandwidth limiting on progressive downloads for every connection
  • Throttling rules are configurable at the server, site, virtual directory, and file levels
  • Fast Start experience for end users
  • Extensible to add support for other media and file formats
  • Fully integrated into the IIS7 administration and configuration models
  • Set default and maximum throttling rates, and concurrent connection limits
  • NEW – Dynamically adjust throttling to account for any available bandwidth as per a configured value (watch out for another post on this shortly)


Read more at source.