IIS Admin Pack – Technical Preview 1


IIS Admin Pack (Technical Preview 1) for IIS 7.0 was released last week. It’s an extension and enhancement of IIS Manager, it includes 7 new features for IIS Manager that will help you in a bunch of different scenarios.

These UI modules and features are included:

  • Request Filtering UI – This UI exposes the configuration of the IIS runtime feature called Request Filtering.
  • Configuration Editor UI – This UI provides an advanced generic configuration editor entirely driven by our configuration schema. It includes things like Script Generation, Search functionality, advanced information such as locking and much more.
  • Database Manager UI – This UI allows you to manage SQL Server databases from within IIS Manager, including the ability to create tables, execute queries, add indexes, primary keys, query data, insert rows, delete rows, and much more.
  • IIS Reports UI – This extensible platform exposes a set of reports including some log parser based reports, displaying things like Top URL’s, Hits per User, Page Performance, and many more.
  • FastCGI UI – This UI exposes the configuration for the FastCGI runtime feature.
  • ASP.NET Authorization UI – This UI allows you to configure the ASP.NET authorization settings.
  • ASP.NET Custom Errors UI – This UI allows you to configure the Custom errors functionality of ASP.NET


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