– Christmas fun


Like last year Microsoft TechNet Denmark is playing Santa with a Christmas calendar quiz. On all weekdays in December, you can test your Microsoft knowledge in a daily for danish IT professionals and I have the honor of delivering and host a few questions.

The game:

Every morning (on weekdays) at 9 am (+1 GMT) during December, Bjarne Dollerup from Microsoft will introduce one of the Danish MVP’s or TechNet Influencer on his blog, and share a link to the blog, that will host the daily question.

All you need to do, to win the prize, is to be the first to the answer the question, and send it to the mail address specified right below the question. Answers to all questions should be available on the TechNet website and Bjarnes blog.

The first to send the correct answer to the mail address specified in the blog post, will win one of the great “geek” prizes sponsored by Microsoft, so don’t forget to let us know how to get in touch with you, and where we should send the prize if you win…

Important to note:

The quiz does not start until it has been publicly announced by Bjarne, so there is no need to start sending mails until it’s been announced…

Merry Christmas!