Apple iOS 6.1 causing excessive transaction log growth on Exchange 2010



Updated Feb 13th with infomation from Apple on the issue.

As many of you might already know, there is an issue (bug) with iOS 6.1 for iPhone and iPad. The bug with Apple iOS 6.1 causes excessive transaction log growth on the Exchange 2010 server.

I have also seen a scenario where a users mailbox kept growing, because a meeting request kept retrying and was continuous added to the users mailbox. So a mailbox of approx 1.5 GB grew to 60GB+ within a few days. Until the ActiveSync partnership was deleted.

The issue has been reported on fellow MVP blogs and other IT pro sites, full listing of all sites below in the article.

Information from Apple on the iOS 6.1 calendar issue:

Today (Feb 12th) Microsoft has release a KB article, describing the issue and what the recommended actions might be towards this issue:

Today (Feb 12th) Apple has released a new update for iPhone and iPad, the iOS 6.1.1. But there are no documentation if this update, will actually solve the problem.

How to fix or mitigate the issue, if your Exchange 2010 environment is hit by this problem – follow the steps recommended by Microsoft in KB2814847.

Overview of the recommended steps:

  • Remove ActiveSync device partnership
  • Create a custom throttling policy for iOS6.1 users
  • Block iOS 6.1 users

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