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Change-MailboxType.ps1 is a simple script for Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2013, that makes it easier to change a regular Mailbox RecipientType to either a Room, Equipment or Shared Mailbox vice versa. The script display a small menu with options. No need to remember PowerShell parameters.

It is made so it is easy to use, for certain people in helpdesk so they quickly can change a regular Mailbox to a Room or Equipment or Shared Mailbox, with the option of going back to a regular Mailbox as well.

It also features the options to set the Booking Window In Days parameter for all Rooms and all Equipment Mailboxes.

Everything is packed into this easy to use script, with a menu showing the options to the helpdesk user:

When the script starts, it displays a menu, from where you can choose among 7 options:

1) Show Recipient Type of a Mailbox
2) Change Mailbox Type to a Room
3) Change Mailbox Type to Equipment
4) Change Mailbox Type to a Regular Mailbox
5) Change Mailbox to a Shared Mailbox
6) Change Booking Window In Days for all Rooms (set number of days)
7) Change Booking Window In Days for all Equipment (set number of days)

It has currently been tested on Exchange 2010.

Should work fine with Exchange 2013 and Office 365. For Office 365 you need to have done a remote session first, see a previous post: How to remote PowerShell into Office 365.

Download my script here:

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Download is available on TechNet Gallery, download link above, will redirect you to TechNet Gallery. Please post comments regarding the script on this page, thx.

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