Script to validate your Office 365 DNS records



Get-Office365DNSRecords.ps1 is a simple script for Office 365, that makes you quickly validate if your have configured your DNS records for use with Office 365 services.

It creates two report, one listed directly within the PowerShell prompt and a more detailed report which is saved to a file.

Example of the prompted report for e.g.

No autodiscover record found for
MX Records found for
SIP TLS Records found for
SIP Federation TLS Records found for
No SIP record found for
Lyncdiscover Record found for
No MSOID record found for

This script scans a CSV file for a list of domains and then scans each domain for DNS records that may indicate which Office 365 services is setup in DNS. So add your domains to the CSV file and you are ready to validate.

Download my script here:

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Download is available on TechNet Gallery, download link above, will redirect you to TechNet Gallery. Please post comments regarding the script on this page, thx.

4 thoughts on “Script to validate your Office 365 DNS records”

  1. Peter,

    This is great, but I wondered about 2 things. Is it possible to get the appropriate DNS records via powershell? Meaning, if I don’t know the MX record, rather than guessing, can you run a powershell to find out what it should be? Secondly, for 2 test domains, using your script, the results showed missing MX, autodiscover and a few others and all of those records do exist. Any reason why?

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