Script to Download All the TechEd NA 2014 Videos and Slides



– when they are all available! Smile

TechEd NA 2014 – Day 3 is halfway done and a lot of the sessions from TechEd North America 2014 is already available for everyone online on Channel9.

There has been a lot of great news, especially with focus on Microsoft Azure. A lot of new features available in Azure.

I have tweaked my LyncConf and MEC 2014 download script to download all the TechEd 2014 sessions . (The original script credit goes to Vlad Catrinescu, who made a script for the SharePoint Conference 2014).

My script will now download all videos and slides (pptx) from TechEd NA 2014, here is what the script does:

  • Downloads all the TechEd NA 2014 Sessions and Slides and save them to c:TechEdNA2014
  • Groups them by folders
  • Makes sure no errors come up due to Illegal File names.
  • If you stop the script and restart in the middle, it will start where it left off and not from beginning.

I have made the script available on TechNet Gallery, download link below will redirect your to the script on TechNet Gallery. Download my script here:

 [wpfilebase tag=file id=13 tpl=download-button /]

Download is available on TechNet Gallery, download link above, will redirect you to TechNet Gallery.

Please post comments regarding the script on this page, thanks.

50 thoughts on “Script to Download All the TechEd NA 2014 Videos and Slides”

  1. 1) It doesnt seem to be able to create separate folders for each session, it puts all the 1000+ files under the same folder “NoCodeSessions”
    2) special characters in the filenames should be all converted to WHITESPACE or UNDERSCORE, as currently a lot of files contain garbage-looking characters. At least they remain readable by any file-based program, but just to be on the safe side.
    3) due to the filenames receive the text from the entire session description, no matter how short root folder you choose, a lot of files still goes over 260 characters and are unable to be downloaded.
    I think it would be nice to perform a check like: LENGTH(sessionfolder)+LENGTH(filename) >= 255, and if thats the case, truncate both the folder name and the filename down to SESSION-code only, to avoid length issues. Better than not being able to download the files, do you agree?

    • +1 more thing I forgot:
      “repeat” sessions should be avoided, for example from the script you could add an extra variable, setting to TRUE / FALSE for downloading of repeated sessions

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