Major Upgrade of my Blog


Yesterday I updated my blog with a new theme and the website has also been optimized with a number of WordPress settings and plugins in the background, so that it should perform better than before.

The main goal was to lift the blog to a more modern Responsive Theme, so it is more compatible with all the different devices, we use now a days to read websites on.

While doing work on my blog, I did some major overhaul and restructured the website a bit, so it should be easier to find and search for content.

What you see now is a result of endless hours over the last couple of weeks, especially last night, after going Live with the new layout. There are always those little things and tweaks, that you just didn’t test well enough during the test phase and need to catch up on afterwards. Smile

But so far so good. I hope everyone like the result.

Technical facts about the platform and upgrade:

The blog is now running WordPress 4 using a number of plugins, one of the is WP Total Cache used to enhance performance. The update of the theme itself from iNove to BulletPress, gave a bit of performance boost. Performance is tested using the great tools from PingDom.

Any feedback are welcome!