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Major Upgrade of my Blog


Yesterday I updated my blog with a new theme and the website has also been optimized with a number of WordPress settings and plugins in the background, so that it should perform better than before. The main goal was to lift the blog to a more modern Responsive Theme, so it is more compatible with all the different devices, we use now a days to read websites on. While doing work on my blog, I did some major overhaul and…

WordPress URL Rewrite on IIS 7.0


Found this special ISAPI “WordPress URL Rewrite”, it’s a free ISAPI application for IIS 7.0. The features are: Can run with multiple WordPress installations in an IIS Web Site (for example: / and /MyBlog/) Has a configurable path Exceptions list (for example: defining /Forum as an exception would prevent any pages in this folder from being re-written) Works with IIS 5.0, 5.1 and 6.0 Works with WordPress 2.0 or higher Easy to setup, easy to maintain It could be an…

WordPress 2.6 Permalink issue


Upgraded my blog to Wordpress 2.6 yesterday and encountered an issue with permalinks not working anymore. Apparently this is a wellknown issue, especially when you host your Wordpress blog on Windows and use permalinks with the index.php in the link, then the permalinks may fail. I found a few solutions to this, the first one was to change some of the php files and the second was to add some text into the Category base and tag base within the…

A few changes to the blog


I have done some major changes to my blog today. It’s been optimized with some changes to my theme and migrated to the latest version of WordPress and a new server running IIS 7.0. With WordPress 2.5 the links will now be more SEO friendly. For anyone who might be interested in what I have done, the changes done are: Upgrade to latest version of WordPress (2.51) Minor changes to the theme, should still be quite user friendly – I…

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