PHP Manger for IIS 7

Ruslan from the IIS team, has released a new module for IIS 7, the PHP Manager for IIS 7, currently in beta. It is an IIS extension for setting up and managing multiple PHP installations on IIS 7 servers. It can be used to: Register PHP with IIS; Run multiple …

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WordPress 2.6 Permalink issue

Upgraded my blog to WordPress 2.6 yesterday and encountered an issue with permalinks not working anymore. Apparently this is a wellknown issue, especially when you host your WordPress blog on Windows and use permalinks with the index.php in the link, then the permalinks may fail. I found a few solutions …

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Installing PHP on IIS 7.0

Found another nice videocast on TechNet Edge by Ryan Dunn, where he shows how easy it is to get PHP up and configured on IIS 7.0 using FastCGI. The popular PHP-based blogging application, WordPress, is used to demonstrate. See the videocast here on TechNet Edge.

FastCGI and PHP

Elizabeth Smith has written an article with a great explanation of FastCGI and the reasons why it makes Windows a better host for PHP applications. What is FastCGI? I could go on for pages about the technical background, and Microsoft already has some great documentation on the subject, however I’ll put …

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