A few changes to the blog


I have done some major changes to my blog today. It’s been optimized with some changes to my theme and migrated to the latest version of WordPress and a new server running IIS 7.0.

With WordPress 2.5 the links will now be more SEO friendly. For anyone who might be interested in what I have done, the changes done are:

  • Upgrade to latest version of WordPress (2.51)
  • Minor changes to the theme, should still be quite user friendly – I hope you all agree 🙂
  • Added Tags functionality to the blogs
  • Migrated the blog to a server running IIS 7.0 and PHP

I hope you all find this an improvement to both performance and the blog in general. If you experience any issues you are most welcome to write me (peter AT iis-digest DOT com), and I will make sure to fix it.