PodCast: IIS 7.0 PowerShell Provider


Want to hear more about the new IIS 7.0 PowerShell Provider, a new PodCast has been released. The PodCast includes an interview with Thomas Deml a senior Program Manager in the IIS Team.

Topics of the PodCast:

  • Talk about the IIS7 management cmdlets
    • Get/Set-WebConfiguration
    • Start-WebItem
    • Remove-WebConfigurationProperty
    • Ability to use XPath filters
  • Talk about the IIS7 PSprovider
    • Provider timeline – 2nd beta in June, final in October
    • Features
      • ability to configure IIS and ASP.net, sites, vdirs, apps, all that
      • ability to delegate
      • root of namespace: sites, app pools
  • What does the future hold (that you can discuss)
    • We talk about Server Core
  • Find the PodCast here.