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My PowerShell scripts are now available on GitHub


I have spent the last couple of months, moving all my scripts from TechNet Gallery to GitHub. I like the GitHub platform for sharing code and maintaining the versioning. In the community it has also become more common, that code is shared on GitHub and for collaboration and following the updates of specific scripts and code, I find the GitHub platform easier to use. I decided to follow along and have created a public GitHub repository for each of my scripts.…

How to Remote PowerShell into Exchange Online Protection (Office 365)


Microsoft has announced the long-awaited (at least for me) possibility to use PowerShell to do Remote Connection to Exchange Online Protection. I have previously blogged about doing Remote PowerShell session into Office 365 services, such as my post: How to Remote PowerShell into Exchange Online (Office 365). Remote PowerShell is great administrative interface since it enables you to manage your Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP) settings directly from PowerShell. Examples of use could be: Setup and configure Connectors Configure Transport…

Lync Conference 2013 Sessions–Download using PowerShell


Last week the sessions from Lync Conference 2013 was made available for free to everyone, the sessions are available as mp4 video files and for most sessions, the PowerPoint is also available. As most IT Pros, I wanted to download the sessions for offline viewing and use on my iPad. I wanted to download the sessions as easy as possible and then the work on a PowerShell script started, which could automatically download the sessions for me. I have previously…

Search for mails with Get-MessageTracking using wildcards


Here are some updated field notes from a recent message tracking case. This post is also an update of a previous post about MessageTracking I made about a year ago. Unfortunately the Tracking Log tool in Exchange Management Console (EMC) – does not allow the use of wildcard characters, when trying to search of all mails sent or received from a certain domain. EMC can only handle a specific user or list of users. However using the Exchange Management Shell…

New danish PowerShell UserGroup


A new danish PowerShell UserGroup is born on friday, november 16th at 16.30 (CET) in Copenhagen. The agenda is news about PowerShell 3.0 presented by Ed "The Scripting Guy" Wilson and networking opportunities with other danish PowerShell enthusiasts. If interested, read more on their website and register for the event at: There are limited seating for the event!

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