New danish PowerShell UserGroup

A new danish PowerShell UserGroup is born on friday, november 16th at 16.30 (CET) in Copenhagen. The agenda is news about PowerShell 3.0 presented by Ed "The Scripting Guy" Wilson and networking opportunities with other danish PowerShell enthusiasts. If interested, read more on their website and register for the event …

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Exchange 2010 Archive Mailbox Statistics PowerShell script

Here are some field notes from a recent Exchange 2010 Retention and Archive case. I have made a simple Exchange 2010 PowerShell script¬†Get-ArchivedMBStats.ps1,¬†that shows mailbox statistics for all mailboxes that have Online Archive enabled. It is great for following the progress of archiving of individual mailboxes. The output of the …

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PodCast: IIS 7.0 PowerShell Provider

Want to hear more about the new IIS 7.0 PowerShell Provider, a new PodCast has been released. The PodCast includes an interview with Thomas Deml a senior Program Manager in the IIS Team. Topics of the PodCast: Talk about the IIS7 management cmdlets Get/Set-WebConfiguration Start-WebItem Remove-WebConfigurationProperty Ability to use XPath …

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