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My PowerShell scripts are now available on GitHub


I have spent the last couple of months, moving all my scripts from TechNet Gallery to GitHub. I like the GitHub platform for sharing code and maintaining the versioning. In the community it has also become more common, that code is shared on GitHub and for collaboration and following the updates of specific scripts and code, I find the GitHub platform easier to use. I decided to follow along and have created a public GitHub repository for each of my scripts.…

Exchange 2010 Archive Mailbox Statistics PowerShell script


Here are some field notes from a recent Exchange 2010 Retention and Archive case. I have made a simple Exchange 2010 PowerShell script Get-ArchivedMBStats.ps1, that shows mailbox statistics for all mailboxes that have Online Archive enabled. It is great for following the progress of archiving of individual mailboxes. The output of the script is the following information about each mailbox with archive enabled: Mailbox Display Name Mailbox TotalItemSize (MB) Mailbox ItemCount Mailbox Database Mailbox RetentionPolicy Archive Display Name Archive TotalItemSize (MB) Archive…

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