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How to Encrypt Password in web.config files


This post is a small how to guide, on how to encrypt sensitive information in a web.config and in my specific case username and password for a service account used by the Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) services, such as MFA User Portal and MFA Mobile App web services. In my scenario, those services had been installed on dedicated servers and since it was decided to use service accounts for communicating with the backend MFA servers. The MFA service account are…

Error Loading Groups in Azure MFA Server


If you have implemented an om-premise Azure MFA server and have an Active Directory with many objects, you might have run into this issue (Error loading security groups), when trying to load groups in the Directory Integration – Synchronization of the Azure MFA Server Console. The error is seen when choosing Add under the Synchronization Tab in the Multi-Factor server Console, when trying to setup Filtering for certain groups, so that the MFA server automatically can import users, based on…

New version of Azure MFA Server available (


A few weeks ago Microsoft Released a new version of the Azure Multi-Factor Authentication Server for use with on-premises implementations. This is a short post about this new version of Azure MFA Server availability and how to upgrade. Release notes According to the release notes the version of the Azure Multi-Factor Authentication Server adds the following additional functionality: This latest version has been upgraded to use .NET 4.0 instead of .NET 2.0. With extended support for .NET…

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