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How to Encrypt Password in web.config files


This post is a small how to guide, on how to encrypt sensitive information in a web.config and in my specific case username and password for a service account used by the Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) services, such as MFA User Portal and MFA Mobile App web services. In my scenario, those services had been installed on dedicated servers and since it was decided to use service accounts for communicating with the backend MFA servers. The MFA service account are…

How to repopulate TPM with BitLocker Recovery Key after a Motherboard replacement


If you run Bitlocker and get your motherboard (mainboard) replaced, e.g. could be from a repair of the PC or Laptop. Then you would start to get prompted for Bitlocker Recovery Key every time you start your PC, This happens because the TPM chip on the new motherboard, does not contain any information about the Bitlocker encryption of your hard drive. So you have to repopulate the TPM chip with the Bitlocker Recovery Key. This can be done in several…

Configuring a Server Core installation


The Core Configurator is a CodePlex project that can be used to administer Windows 2008 R2 Server Core installations. It is completely open source so it can be amended and change to fit your requirements, this version has been a year in the making and has been written in powershell with a reference to Winforms so that a GUI format is displayed. It’s a small application that you can either copy to the server or else run from a USB…

Now with a Windows Home Server


Couldn’t resist anymore, I’ve bought myself a Fujitsu Scaleo Home Server based on Windows Home Server. The server is the 2. generation WHS from Fujitsu and it was just to cheap (approx 360$) to resist anymore, apparently Fujitsu has dumped their prices this spring with like 50%. I like the idea of having the homeserver handling backup of my PCs and the integration to my Mediacenter, especially now with Power Pack 2 for WHS. Specs of the Fujitsu Scaleo 2105…

Hyper-V RC1 Released


Hyper-V RC1 was released a few days ago. Hyper-V RC1 is an optional upgrade for customers and partners, providing the latest code for those who want to continue testing the technology within their infrastructure environment. Update for Windows Vista (KB949587)Install this update to enable remote management of a Windows Server 2008 computer running the Hyper-V RC1 role. Update for Windows Server 2008 x64 Edition (KB950049)The Release Candidate 1 (RC1) update to the Hyper-V role provides improvements to security, stability, performance,…

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