Exchange Online

How to enable Plus Addressing in Exchange Online

One of the Exchange-related announcements from this week’s Microsoft Ignite 2020, was that Exchange Online now supports Plus Addressing, also known as “sub addressing”, “+ address” or “dynamic email aliasing”. It is a long-awaiting feature by many and it is now available in all tenants. So What is Plus Address …

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Next CoLabora User Group Meeting–this friday

The team behind CoLabora are super excited to announce the agenda for March Meetup. The March meeting will focus 100% on Microsoft 365 and related services. All sessions will be delivered by MVP’s and SMEs with each individual area. All sessions will be delivered in English. Event Info Event date: …

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How to set the postmaster address in Office 365

By default when Exchange Online in Office 365 is setup for your organization, the postmaster address, e.g. is set to This means that when someone sends mail to your organization and gets an NDR back, the sender is: If you want to change this, you can do …

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