New Azure AD Connect version ( Released



In case you missed it, the latest version of Azure AD Connect (version was announced last week and made available for download.

This latest version is kinda major update, compared to the recent AD Connect updates. This new version introduces a set of new features and updates, which is:

  • Automatic upgrade feature for Express settings customers.
  • Support for the global admin using MFA and PIM in the installation wizard.
    • You need to allow your proxy to also allow traffic to if you use MFA.
    • You need to add to your trusted sites list for MFA to properly work.
  • Allow changing the user’s sign-in method after initial install.
  • Allow Domain and OU filtering in the installation wizard. This also allows connecting to forests where not all domains are available.
  • Scheduler is built-in to the sync engine.


Some features going from Preview to GA (General Availability):


And some new features in Preview mode:

  • The new default sync cycle interval is 30 minutes. Used to be 3 hours for all earlier releases. Adds support to change the scheduler behavior.


And then a number of bug fixes:

  • The verify DNS domains page didn’t always recognize the domains.
  • Prompts for domain admin credentials when configuring ADFS .
  • The on-premises AD accounts are not recognized by the installation wizard if located in a domain with a different DNS tree than the root domain.



Download latest AD Connect from here: