NIC 2020 in Oslo


About two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of delivering two sessions at The Nordic Infrastructure Conference (NIC) in Oslo. It was my 5th time speaking at this great conference. The conference had approx 1100-1200 attendees and approx 70 sessions delivered by lots of great speakers.

NIC is a collaboration and learning event offering global best in class content and structure. The key concept of the conference: Less slides, more demos!

The sessions I delivered are these 2:

  • Microsoft Teams Architecture – Deep Dive
  • A Hitchhikers Guide to Microsoft Information Protection

Slides from the conference are available on GitHub:

As always it was a great experience presenting at NIC and there was plenty of time in between and after my sessions, to catch up me friends from the community.

Thank you to all the attendees, especially the people in my sessions and thanks to Crayon for having me as a speaker.

More information on the NIC conference keep up to date at their website here: