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Certificate Missing in the Exchange 2010 Hybrid Configuration Wizard


During a customer recent case, I experienced problems in the Hybrid Configuration Wizard (HCW) for Exchange 2010, when trying to configure a Hybrid setup with Exchange 2010 and Office 365. When going through the Manage Hybrid Configuration Wizard in Exchange 2010, we experienced an error, almost at the end of the wizard, when trying to choose the certificate used for Hybrid “No valid certificate exists for the Hub Transport server(s)”: This was a bit weird, since the Exchange server already…

How to Export Messages from a Mail Queue on Exchange


This post will describe how to export all messages from a mail queue on Exchange 2010, so the mails can be resubmitted on another server. It is based on field notes, from a recent case, where we had to move a certain queue to another server. It is possible to export one or all messages from one specific or all queues on an Exchange Server. This post describes how to do it for Exchange 2010, but the process is quite…

Script to validate your Office 365 DNS records


Get-Office365DNSRecords.ps1 is a simple script for Office 365, that makes you quickly validate if your have configured your DNS records for use with Office 365 services. It creates two report, one listed directly within the PowerShell prompt and a more detailed report which is saved to a file. Example of the prompted report for e.g. No autodiscover record found for MX Records found for SIP TLS Records found for SIP Federation TLS Records found for No…

Setup Wizard for Exchange Update Rollup ended prematurely


The issue is well-known, but I never got around to share it myself and just recently saw it once again at a customer, who experienced the problem. This blog post will cover how to install and the Exchange Rollup Update successfully without getting the “Ended prematurely” error. The Setup Wizard for Update Rollup fails with the error “ended prematurely”. It has been the same issue for Update Rollups for both Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010. The installer fails with the…

See you at MEC 2014


There is only one month (March 31 – April 2) till Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC) in Austin, Texas. I will be attending the conference and is looking forward to this great Exchange event and catching up with everyone in the community, both MCMs and MVPs. Microsoft has announced over 100+ sessions at MEC and if you are interested, there should still be tickets available – go register at If you are attending and want to catch up, let me…

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