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Using PowerShell through SSH


Matt Michie has posted an article on using PowerShell securely remote through SSH using Cygwin. One of the first things that an admin wants to do with PowerShell is run remotely. To do this securely, you must encrypt your data. SSH has been the proven way to do this. So the question becomes, how do I connect SSH and PowerShell together? Read the full article at source.

Unused logfile directories


Chris Crowe has published a great script for locating unused logfile directories. When running IIS on a server edition you can create multiple web sites and over time you may add and remove sites. When you do this the Log Files are still retained The following script can be used to find unused log file directories that are no longer associated with any IIS Web Sites – it does not delete them just displays them. Read more at source.

Windows PowerShell


I’ve previously posted about Moned/Microsoft Shell…, it now has a new name, which is Windows PowerShell. It will be available as web download in Q4 later this year. Read more about it on the new PowerShell blog. Windows PowerShell is a new task-based command line shell and intuitive scripting language for system administration that provides comprehensive control and automation for Windows administrators. It’s available as download in RC1 version here: – Windows PowerShell RC1 (for .NET Framework 2.0 RTM) x86…



Microsoft has finally released Windows Shell, formerly known as MONAD in the final RTM version. Windows “Monad” Shell is a new interactive command-line and task-based scripting technology in Windows that enables administrators to more efficiently and securely automate and control system management tasks on both desktops and servers. Download it here. Need some Shell scripts, see TechNet Script Center.

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